“From initial application to interview and then through to being offered the job,  Giraffe HR were very thorough in their approach to their recruitment service.”

“I was given prompt and clear direction as to the format and preparatory requirements for the interview. My presentation had been printed and distributed, leaving less for me to organise. I was made to feel welcome and was well guided through the various interview stages involving different staff panels. It gave me a grounded sense of what the job would entail which helped me to evaluate whether I could make an impact at the charity and fit in with its dedicated team of volunteers. Thank you Giraffe HR, for making an otherwise grueling process, an opportunity for me to reflect my strengths and assure the organisation of my capacity to pick up new skills on the spot.”



A small local charity which had been managed by a volunteer since its inception, decided to recruit a paid Manager when the volunteer Manager retired.

Victoria [Williamson] came in to support the process, ensure best practice was followed and give the Trustees the reassurance that all legal requirements were being adhered to.

Victoria’s aim was to ensure that the most suitable person possible was selected to take the charity forward into the future.

Having met with the Trustees, Victoria established the current challenges and the short, medium and long term goals of the charity. From there we established the responsibilities of the new Manager role and started to carve out a job description and person specification. Once agreed by the Trustees, Victoria put together a recruitment process including advertising, sending out and receiving application packs, doing first round application reviews and contacting candidates to arrange interviews.

Whilst Trustees took responsibility for making the final decisions, Victoria prepared the interview materials, coached the Trustees on interview techniques and was present at the interviews to ensure it all ran smoothly.

Once a decision was made, Victoria handled the offer process and provided robust feedback to the unsuccessful candidates.

The chosen candidate accepted the offer, started shortly after and is now successfully managing the charity.

The chair of the charity Trustees said: “Victoria’s input and support throughout the process was indispensable. This was a whole new scenario for us, and her invaluable experience and reassurance gave us complete confidence.”