Churches are changing. An increased need to recruit paid employees rather than rely on volunteers can present challenges for churches.

The political and often sensitive challenges of recruiting, or not recruiting, a member of the congregation; or managing the reactions and potential objections of the members of the congregation and leadership team who have done these roles as volunteers for many years. These are challenges that churches are increasingly facing. Ministers and church leaders are often not trained to deal with the many complexities of employing lay workers.  The result can be that churches, where you would expect employees to be valued, encouraged and supported, can be a rather unattractive prospect and at times a thankless place to work.

With extensive experience of working in Christian settings, Giraffe HR can support you through the process from role creation and recruitment, through to employee development and performance maximisation. We can help you deal with challenging situations when they arise in a way that is sympathetic to the Christian setting you may be in.

Giraffe HR recognises that churches may at times have restricted finances; please ask us about our reduced rates packages that are available.